Let’s Help Starship Valiant!


What an awesome age we live in! Today fans are a powerful force in the creation of content. We have the power to provide the budget for content we want to see to worthy producers.

It is time to help our friends at Starship Valiant. Watch the video below to hear series creator Michael King talk about the upcoming episode.

You can help by donating ANY amount to the Starship Valiant gofundme campaign.

If you have not yet seen the first episode, “Legacy,” watch it below.

Starship Valiant: Legacy”

Star Trek: The Four Years War by Stephen Fender

Star Trek Channel is proud to kick in $10 to support the campaign to get the first three completed novels in the series professionally edited.


At the time of this writing, these folks only need less than $300 more. Let’s make it happen!

Go to their Kickstarter page now and claim your rewards.