C.H. Danhauser

A series of “PSAs” from C.H. Danhauser. He seems to have summarized each of the Star Trek TAS episodes in a brief “PSA.” He also has made two full length episodes, “Ptolemy Wept,” and “And Let The Heavens Fall.”

Just so you know, CBS made a copyright claim against “And Let The Heavens Fall,” so it is not available. What lameness. No one likes that you did that CBS. Try sucking harder. Are you not rich enough? Great job of crushing the soul of someone who is such a massive fan that he poured himself into making more Trek. Idiots. I just can’t say enough what a crap move that is.

Logical Thinking (4 videos)

“Ptolemy Wept”

“And Let The Heavens Fall”

“The Time Trap”

Star Trek PSAs

Klingon PSAs

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