Digital Ghost


The 2002 science fiction convention in Cologn, called Fedcon 8, started with a tremendous fan-film called “Digital Ghost”, made in Germany and in German by Tobias Richter of “The Light Works” – A company specializing in digital imagery.

Dreamside contributed music for the film. Kemi Vita and Roman Schoensee of the Dreamside wrote the music to this fan-film. This little trailer shows some highlights of the 20 minutes short film.


DivX format, 145MB, PAL 25 fps
DivX format, 144MB, NTSC 29.97 fps (for America)
The film was made in German – English subtitle files (SRT) have been included in the download!

German Subtitles in Video (EU), 145MB, PAL 25 fps
English Subtitles in Video (US), 145MB, NTSC 29.97 fps

Media Outlets:
Web Site (Trekcon)
Web Site (Fedcon)
YouTube (Tobias Richter)
YouTube (The Dreamside)